Emphasizes the relationship between the local art community and its represented artists,

which will strengthen the city as a center of multicultural expression.




The New York International Contemporary Art Society, Inc (NYICAS) is being established for the purpose of collecting, preserving and disseminating contemporary art through exhibitions, fairs and events as part of an innovative, exclusively for artists’ education, and the sharing of multicultural contemporary expression.  


The NYICAS as an academic project, aims to support the educational development of contemporary art teachers, students and their affection for contemporary art, in all levels of education, through extension programs, the promotion of research, the forming of bibliographical archives, publications, seminars, workshops, national and international exhibitions.


The intended result of this line of action is to improve the quality of contemporary art education in the city of New York as well as its affiliates in Sao Paulo, Singapore and Paris. The proposal is to stimulate the participation of contemporary artists through global exhibitions promoting their works in the public sphere.





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