ART ENTREPRENEURS' mission is to develop the art business everywhere and for all, in order to connect the world through art events inspiring exhibitions and to build a better world through the power of the art.



The entire program is focused on a self-organizing systems, where large numbers of art entrepreneurs cooperate to produce an intricate and robust global behavior. Knowledge dissemination, Career Path artist’s educational programs, and lectures and training is part of our social network of Art Entrepreneurs. 



Our Philosophy


Art Entrepreneurs affiliates and the NYICAS collaborators can take advantage of our promotion model of products and services to expose and develop an artist in the contemporary international market.

The artists must become a subscriber of the ART ENTREPRENEURS GROUP in order to be professionally represented by NYICAS affiliates. Each artist will have an agent consultant to manage the artist’s career, conduct market research and organize the artist’s participation in exhibitions, art fairs and auctions.







ARTEXPO NY 2019 (April 04 - 07)

The NYICAS invites the largest art trade show for the past 40 years.

Each year, thousands of art industry insiders flock to ArtExpo in search of the art and artists that will shape trends in galleries worldwide. NYICAS will be conducting the exhibition,  we can connect you right away to one of the most important events of the year.


SIDE BY SIDE (May - July)

Saphira & Ventura Gallery will be hosting its one of a kind exhibitions in Venice during the Biennale.  The gallery’s prime location of Ghetto di Venezia has been an iconic historic district for centuries and a thriving market for visitors and locals alike.


FASHION WEEK NY (Sep 6 - 14)

As a landmark of fashion, New York has been the staple destination for fashion and innovative accessories. Join us in NY Fashion Week as we host our annual fashion intervention and exhibition.


FASHION WEEK Milan  (Sep 17 - 23)

With its unparalleled history as the heart of Europe’s fashion industry. Saphira & Ventura Gallery broadens its operations to participate in this world renowned event.



We provide

Support group with office service Credit card, system Translators, art agents to facilitate the job of selling during the event Logistical support for our artists and partners in the assembly the art works Catalog / Certificate / Social Media / Flyer / Individual Postcard Reception.







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