Dave Crosby


Dave Crosby BS RPS - I was born and raised in London, spent years in a beautiful Georgian stone town with a vibrant community of artistic and creative people, and am now enjoying the solitude of a remote South West England village. The transition from technically perfect photography to the adoption of a fine art style came naturally from my long term appreciation of this finesse across all genres. When creating, I begin a piece with the final result in mind but am always open to new processes along the way. My expectation is that when people see my work they are able to feel the beauty in the subject that first captured me. Part of my joy in working on a new piece of art is a sense of contentment at being able to recreate my experience, and the anticipation of future sharing. Whilst working within photography, I am reminded that I am capturing a moment in time, be it staged or natural, a literal and graphical snapshot of history. When capturing landscapes amidst the wonder of nature's creation I cannot help but stare and forget to breathe.  My botanical works are a juxtaposition of the fine arts and the detail afforded by macro photography, a complementary combination of aesthetics and the beauty of natural world geometry. More recently I have been studying the works of the generative artists, those artists who sculpt computer art with algorithm manipulation. Their ability to map the numeric world to the artistic is inspiring me to create similar.  I am fully involved in life-long learning and sharing that knowledge with others, enabling all of us to gain different perspectives of our world through many mediums. I am a self-taught photographer who has progressed from film shooting experimentation in my teens to present day digital mastery; gaining wisdom from courses, peers, and experience as I developed my skills from hobbyist through amateur with the final step up to professional. I have delivered these insights to others by donating work via the Creative Commons through to selling fine art portraiture to the discerning public, interior designers, and large retail organisations. I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society.


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