Von Coop

The artist Von Coop spent much of his life drawing before picking up painting. Working strictly in oils, he finds much joy in the processes of arranging each composition from beginning to end. His works range from modern takes on classic paintings with his own sense of color and humor to vibrant, bold PopArt tinged with detailed psychedelia. Through his career he has learned how to convey a tangible sense of emotion in each piece of art he creates. 

Von Coop's art is developed with a vision that is clear and unique. His mission is to pair his artistic ability with philanthropic efforts in order to help others on his journey. Whether that is a charitable donation of his work or volunteering his time to help educate others, his passion is clear. To use his talent as a catalyst for change and positively impact the world with his art. Starting his own charitable foundation, Art for Humanity, is underway and will be his vessel for great change.

Von Coop is currently based out of Chicago.



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