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As a project that aims to draw public attention to the environment, getting endorsements and support from local private and public entities is crucial to promote the art show and its cause. Therefore, we invite you to embark on this journey and support this initiative. Below, you will find more details about the project.





Earth - The Essence of Survival is a traveling visual arts exhibition that explores the beauty and challenges of the environment through the work of artists from different backgrounds and nationalities.




The purpose is to make the public develop a critical thinking about the impact of their attitudes towards the environment and the importance of preserving the planet.




The exhibition is produced by the curators Alcinda Saphira and Louis Ventura, both are founders of NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART SOCIETY and SAPHIRA & VENTURA GALLERY NEW YORK / SÃO PAULO / SINGAPORE. Headquartered in New York City. Saphira & Ventura Gallery produces art exhibitions in the United States, Brazil and Europe with the mission to engage and connect artists from different communities in the world.




La Biennale Di Venezia 2019




EARTH - TERRA The Essence Of Survival is a multimedia art exhibition curated by Alcinda Saphira & Louis Ventura produced by the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART SOCIETY and SAPHIRA & VENTURA GALLERY.


Ten artists from different backgrounds will call attention to humanity's feelings endangered by global Initiatives. Beauty, life, war, violence, biological and territorial diversity, and inclusion are the fundamental inspiration of artists from all over the world. To protect the environment is also to cultivate inspiration and universal feelings for future generations.


EARTH - TERRA the Essence of Survival seeks to pave a way for social and environmental responsibility among artists, their public and our sponsors. EARTH - TERRA The Essence of Survival exhibition is an eclectic and organic multimedia playground filled with live Interventions, respected filmmakers, meditations and lectures. "Voice of Experience" lectures will start building public awareness to alternative and creative ways of living and behaving.



EARTH will last for 30 days and its events are to be determined by environmental imperatives and film projections. The public are invited to attend particular programs which will take place in different times and days. The complete schedule for EARTH - TERRA will be released in the last week of July.


This exhibition incorporates the concept of exhibiting works inspired by the diversity of human expression. The works are created by artists engaged in social and humanitarian political issues seeking to celebrate creativity and imagination during the Venice Biennale.


The project brings together a collective of talented artists from around the world, highlighting each of their interpretation, body, and spirit that goes beyond the articulation of their works which are captured with spontaneity and subtlety.


The enigmatic representations of these works awaken the individual imagination and stimulate the beauty of ambiguity. Portraying the socially controversial, the works of the artists invite the viewer to a reality often silenced and ignored.


An approach combining various elements with functional pieces of sustainability and contemporary art.


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Art Awareness - A Global Initiative - 6th Edition

Autism and Alzheimer's by the artists' view.


Artists: Neil Kerman, Paula Delmanto, Zé Dassilva, Marize Koerich


Curatorship: Alcinda Saphira and Riccardo Tartaglia

Co-curator: Regina Nobrez


On View: April 24 – June 9, 2019
Opening Reception and Conferences: April 30, 5PM




About the Exhibition:


The 6th Edition of the "Art Awereness - A Global Initiative" program held in Rio de Janeiro, brings together a conference and collective exhibition of paintings, digital art, sculptures and installations bringing themes such as Autism and Alzheimer's.


The pieces presented at the exhibition are by American Neil Kerman and Brazilians Marize Koerich, Paula Delmanto and Zé Dassilva. Neil Kerman reveals a refined dialogue of the creative process, a mix of colors and different screen formats. Alzheimer's Awareness is used in the everyday lives of patients in the nursing homes of the artist who also uses art as a therapy in the treatment of the disease. The exhibition also features the digital artwork by Marize Koerich (MAK), an artist and activist who uses art to give visibility to autism. Paula Delmanto exhibits sculptures and installation on the themes and also the illustrations of the artist and screenwriter Zé Dassilva.


The benefits of art for people with Alzheimer's extend to observing works of art. This interaction helps in relieving the symptoms of the disease, along with artistic projects aimed at the patients and the importance of the interaction with the family. For autistic children, art is a valuable tool in the treatment because it is a fundamental element to promote activities that constitute a stimulus for its social insertion and communication development, increasing the capacity of abstraction, motor coordination, imagination, creativity, sensitivity, affectivity and internal organization


The "Art Awereness - A Global Initiative" program has already been held with the theme: Alzheimer's Awareness at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, London, Madrid and Turin (MIIT-Museum).


In São Paulo, the exhibition took place at Saphira & Ventura Gallery in partnership with the Mirshcan Menachem Synagogue. The program was created by gallery partners Alcinda Saphira (curator) and Louis Ventura (PhD economist), both established in the international market for more than two decades.


Speakers invited to the conference (April 30 at 5 p.m.) will explore Alzheimer's and Autism issues and bring them to the discussion, highlighting the importance of bringing people together to share their experiences and show the benefit of color and physical and mental activities as complementary therapy, helping in the treatment of people with these diseases. Participating in the panel are Dr. Vilma Câmara - Neurologist and Geriatrician specializing in Alzheimer's and member of the Brazilian Association of Alzheimer's (ABRAz), the artist Neil Kerman, Dr. Yolanda Boechat, Kaká Koerich, who is dedicated to the cause of autism and to the site Autistólogos , as well as representatives of supporting companies.


"Art Awereness - A Global Initiative" is an achievement of the New York International Contemporary Art Society (NYICAS), Saphira & Ventura Gallery, International Society of Contemporary Art and Gastronomy of São Paulo (SIAGC) in partnership with TARTAGLIA ART and has the support of ABRAz (Brazilian Association of Alzheimer's - Regional Rio de Janeiro), SAP (a multinational company of software and business applications that works with social inclusion and employs people with autism), Correios (which launched commemorative stamps of Autism and Alzheimer's with the aim of propagating the awareness of society to the theme).





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