The 1˚ edition of the Bienal AMA + ZÔNIA - 2020 is conceived as an international event that will bring together national and international art galleries and as a forum for technical and scientific exchange. The event will include Brazilian and foreign artists, scientists, universities, companies, organizations of civil society and indigenous peoples, as well as representatives of governments and national and international bodies that support the sustainable development of the region, reconciling economy and ecology in an innovative economic model.


The Bienal will serve as stage for the realization of discussions and encounters on the environment as basis for survival. The meeting will be characterized by multiculturalism, broad artistic coverage and interaction between local and international communities and entities.


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TERRA - International Communities


Art Show Displays the Beauty and Challenges of the Planet 
Through the Lenses of Worldwide Artists


Terra – International Communities”, a traveling art exhibition created by Saphira & Ventura Gallery, arrives in Turin, Italy, and will be on view from September 14th to October 5th, 2019 at Museo Internazionale Italia Arte (MIIT). An opening reception will take place on September 14th at 6pm in the same location.


Curated by the Brazilian artist Alcinda Saphira, “Terra” was first displayed in 2008 in New York, bringing together the work of several contemporary artists from different nationalities under the same idea: highlight the beauty and challenges of our planet Earth (“Terra” in Portuguese). Through paintings and photographs guests could see different styles and concepts and the diversity and complexity of various cultures.

The success of this first show transformed “Terra” in a traveling art exhibition, which has also landed in Paris and Miami. In a special edition, “Terra” has also been displayed at the United Nations, in New York, where it had the participation of 32 artists. In total, “Terra” has exhibited the work of more than 100 artists from more than 15 nationalities.


In Turin, “Terra”, which continues to be curated by Alcinda Saphira, now in partnership with Guido Folco, will show the work of the following artists:

Alessandra Garcia, Anthony Saire, Cecilia Thibes, Cecilia Freire, Edy Fernandes, Fadilja Kajosevic, Fátima Campos, Geraldine Laly, Gritt Sanders, Humberto Hermeto, Karla Calassa, Kerstin Kager, Leticia Mercier, Lilian Souto, Marize Koerich, Martina Hartusch, Monica Mendes, Nikola Lucgjonaj, Patrick Faure, Philippe Seigle, Qiu Zi Hao, Reginald Hearn, Rogerio Martins, Saori Kurioka and Tang Yin.    

“The work of the exhibiting artists collectively presents a new perspective on our planet, highlighting beauties and dilemmas with the aim of inspiring visitors to think about what possible actions they can take to have a positive impact on it”, explains Saphira. “That is art in a social function, which embraces both pleasure and critical thinking”, complements.


The art show will feature a special tribute to the Renaissance master Leonardo Da Vinci, who died 500 years ago, and has been celebrated throughout Italy this year.




SIDE BY SIDE //  La Biennale di Venezia



United with its collection of talented artists from across the globe, Saphira & Ventura Gallery has hosted SIDE BY SIDE: LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA. A series of exhibitions in the historical district of the Ghetto Vecchio in Venice during the bustling scenery of the Venice Biennale. The gallery's collection will be exhibited in Arte Spazio Tempo located in Campo del Ghetto, 2877, 30121 Venezia, Italy
Having launched four exhibitions of diverse themes, the gallery initiated its participation in Venice on May 7th with International Dialogues, an exhibition showcasing artists such as Natan Elkanovich, Anna Hopfensberger, Nadia Asencio, Bernard Pineau, Jennifer Court, and Estuardo Maldonado. Following this exhibition, the gallery continued with Un Tocco di Zaffiro, and exhibited an exhibition featuring many mediums of art such as photographers, Gritt Sanders and Aguinaldo De Paula, as well as painters such as Paolo Terdich, Patrick Faure, Pedro Gallardo, and Kerstin Kager. 
Beginning in June, the gallery focused on a spotlight on Brazilian photographer, Claudio Gatti, in its exhibition The Dream World, which also saw works by Brooklyn based artist, Neil Kerman and Natan Elkanovich. 
The gallery's current exhibition is Art Awareness, which gained major success and had an excellent turnout in its opening. The exhibition focused on mixed media artist, Marize Koerich, and also included many works by artists in the New York collection such as Melissa Hin, Alfonso Segovia, Marcello Pavan, Anime, Sam Dobrow, Samar Kamel, Carla Fatio and local artist, Serafina Figliuzzi. 
Its two upcoming exhibitions will be occurring in the month of July, starting with Earthly Textures: A Tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci opening on July 04, which will be featuring works by Leticia Mercier, Romulo De Marchi, Fabio Polesi, Anime and an extension of Marize Koerich. In its concluding exhibition on July 17, the gallery will be closing it its cutting edge exhibition, Plural Realities, featuring a collection of by Freddy Borges, DIVE Madhouse, Dilshad Questani, Philippe Sergei, and Saori Kurioka. The exhibition will focus on different mediums of art and approaches in order to highlight each artist’s individuality. It will be open until July 30th. 




The New York International Contemporary Art Society and Paris International Contemporary Art Society will present 40 artists from France and United States  in the Paris environment.


Saphira & Ventura Gallery just one block from Times Square  will offer the best experience from nostalgic and traditional salons of Paris, Soirée in the heart of Manhattan, the opportunity to join in this special share moment in New York. 


The exhibition is curated by Alcinda Saphira ICAS - NY) and Jean Pierre Lorriaux (ICAS - Paris/ Artitude Galerie)


The intended result of this line of action is to improve the quality of contemporary art education in the city of New York as well as its affiliates in Sao Paulo, Singapore and Madrid.


The proposal is to stimulate the participation of contemporary artists through global exhibitions promoting their works in the public sphere.




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The New York International Contemporary Art Society and New York Pro Art Society Museum is excited to announce the International Salon of Contemporary & Urban art 2018.


Through the work of artists from different nationalities, the International Salon of Contemporary & Urban art 2018 - 1st edition will display the beauty and the challenges of the global artists featuring paintings and photographs inspired by life. the International Salon of Contemporary & Urban art 2018 is a traveling art exhibition created and organized by the New York Pro Art Society Museum. the project brings together artists with different nationalities, backgrounds and styles under the same theme, which aims to raise awareness to the importance of disseminating art in the planet.

the first editions of the International Salon of Contemporary & Urban art 2018 is present in New York at Saphira & Ventura Gallery with the participation of more than 13 artists. the second edition will be taking place in paris in october 2018. the International Salon of Contemporary & Urban art 2018 aims to offer participating artists the opportunity to promote their art in a prestigious and world-class space to network with professionals from different nationalities.


The exhibition is curated by Alcinda Saphira and Louis Ventura with the collaboration of New York Pro Art Society Museum and New York International Contemporary Art Society, and promoted by Saphira & Ventura Gallery, located in New York City. the works of the exhibiting artists are characterized by the diversity and complexity of various cultures, the commitment of these artists as citizens encourage them to do art not only with commercial intent, but also with philosophical and social purposes as well. 



The participating artists are the following:
Marilzes Petroni, Henrique Vieira Filho, Samuel Caixeta, Mark Foloni, Erminio Francisco de Souza, Romulo De marchi, Carla Fatio, Hermes dos Santos, Geraldine Laly, Lilia Georgina Lujano Cruz, Damian Mitchell, Norberto Iera, Aparecida Munhoz and Camila Crivelenti.


Liza Papi (Curator/ prof. St John University/ Art Director of Brazilian Endowment for the Arts)
Monica Sarmiento Castillo (Curator/prof.St John University /BI-Co- a - Ceo)
Silvia Mata
Executive Director of Latin American Art Association. 

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