New York International Contemporary Art Society and Saphira & Ventura Gallery invites you to participate as a business partner in Venice and New York.

Our international expertise in the art market (US, Europe and Brazil) and a wide variety of business opportunities will also be available to you.


Be our partner in our temporary gallery in Venice affiliate during its thriving period of the Venice Biennale 2019 and New York City.

Each affiliate will cover two-week exhibition.


By participating with us, you will experience a fulfilling diverse moment in your career as an Art Entrepeneur that will lead you to outstanding opportunities in the international contemporary art market.




Marketing plan for 2 months, Curatorial service, Production, Flyers, Social Media campaign, Newsletter, Press Release, Digital Catalog, Gallery Sitting, Logistic.




The gallery’s prime location of Ghetto di Venezia, a historic Jewish neighborhood within the city’s Cannaregio district, has been the destination of many important institutions in Venice. The new venue is in Campo del Ghetto, an area full of galleries and restaurants, the center of one of the most authentic areas of Venice



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The New York International Contemporary Art Society and Paris International Contemporary Art Society will present 40 artists from France and United States  in the Paris environment.


Saphira & Ventura Gallery just one block from Times Square  will offer the best experience from nostalgic and traditional salons of Paris, Soirée in the heart of Manhattan, the opportunity to join in this special share moment in New York. 


The exhibition is curated by Alcinda Saphira ICAS - NY) and Jean Pierre Lorriaux (ICAS - Paris/ Artitude Galerie)


The intended result of this line of action is to improve the quality of contemporary art education in the city of New York as well as its affiliates in Sao Paulo, Singapore and Madrid.


The proposal is to stimulate the participation of contemporary artists through global exhibitions promoting their works in the public sphere.




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​The New York International Contemporary Art Society invites you to participate in the first International Salon of Contemporary & Urban Art to be held in New York, where you willbe competing for special awards.

The Salon of Art has a new format aimed at offering artists the opportunity to promote their work in a global art market, and to provide them with connections to professionals from different nationalities in a world-renowned city.

The artists may participate with paintings, photographs, sculptures, and videos of urban installations.

The opening will feature a cocktail party, launch of a catalog, awards for different categories, and a certificate signed by four international curators.


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