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Patrick Bermingham // Jee Won Kim // Carl Skelton // Neil Kerman // Edo Rocha //
Howard Zi Hao Qiu // Alan Ritichie // Tang Yin



We are established in New York City, specializing in modern, contemporary art, design and architecture. Promoting and exhibiting cutting edge artists, designers and architects in a contemporary and alternative setting. In 2020, we will be presenting WHEN ART MEETS ARCHITECTURE, a unique and special project, in relation to TIME- SPACE-EXISTENCE, focusing on sustainability from its international artists and architects.

What if people were more important than cars? What if walking was the preferred mode of transport? Gotham Innovation Greenhouse team Jee Won Kim, Carl Skelton and Patrick Bermingham present WALKACROPOLIS. WALKACROPOLIS elevates pedestrians to a new level. It takes thousands of pedestrians “off the street” to a safer, brighter, quieter, more civil and civic higher ground; provides new vantage points from which to see the city; facilitates and supports autonomous vehicle circulation below; provides new reasons to walk; integrates new technologies for interaction and communication with pedestrians; provides new attractions and destinations in its own right; complements the existing cityscape as an artistic element. Pedestrians can walk 1 kilometer in 15 minutes. It enables people to meet and greet each other as fellow citizens rather than obstructions in their path. Art has always been an inseparable companion of architecture.


In the project, "SHOW BRASIL” the works of Neil Kerman and Edo Rocha as a visual artist and architect, represent the sculptures of the architectural side of Rocha's drawings accumulating to a piece of architecture using reason and emotion similar to how Kerman reveals his sensitivity as a master of abstract chemistry. Both affirm that architecture is the sum of creativity and an aesthetic attitude for using technology according to mankind and their respect for the environment. This project unites art and architecture where the art of painting is integrated as a conceptual part of the architectural party. 


The gallery's project will also show include “Co-Existence in Time and Space through Color and Music” featuring works of Howard Zi Hao Qiu Ph.D. and Alan Ritchie. Inspired by the works of Klee and Kandinsky, Qiu’s pieces are based on a system in which rhythm, melody, and harmony are conveyed through textures, colors and forms. Based on his coding system, Qiu has embedded a melody in each of his paintings. In our fast paced digitally constructed world it can be challenging to decipher the differences between the arts. By incorporating the concept of Painting Music into people’s living spaces, Qiu’s symphonies of color not only convey images, creative thoughts, and emotions but ultimately inspire and connect mankind and elevate the human spirit in a universal, melodic and magical way. 


Tang Yin’s sculptures explore themes of cycles in time as well as the inextricable co-existence among humans, animals, and nature. Rooted in ancient Chinese culture, her work is influenced by the bronzes of the Chou Period. At a time when many animals have become endangered species, Tang’s emotionally powerful sculptures invite us to consider about their sustainable existence and ultimate survival.  This project is a collective work of artists and architects that shows how our society can living together in a union of TIME-SPACE-EXISTENCE.







Upcoming News from ECC


We, the European Cultural Centre, have decided to maintain our Biennial Architecture exhibition “Time Space Existence” opening dates on May, 21st and 22nd, and to be open for the public for 6 months from May, 23rd to November 29th, 2020. Whereby we will have in addition two more opening parties; on 27th and 28th August. This is to let la Biennale Architettura join us, since they have postponed their opening to 29th August 2020. We came to this decision after keeping ourselves informed as good as we can about the latest coronavirus developments and we would like hereby to follow the opinion of many experts like the WHO, the World Health Organization. We see no health reasons why we should postpone our Biennial Architecture Exhibition “Time-Space-Existence” in Venice. However, we do understand that some people might not be able to easily travel in May or want to combine their visit to Venice with the opening of the National Pavilions and the Arsenale. For all those people we will organize two more opening parties which will take place at the same time as the opening party from la Biennale Architettura. This gives everybody the possibility to be part of all big Venice Biennial Architecture exhibition opening events. Please note that we in Venice can handle the set-up of the exhibition for all participants if wished for.





Time Space Existence 


Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Giardini Marinaressa.  Venice, Italy



European Cultural Centre


Rachele de Stefano, Valeria Romagnini, Lucia Pedrana, Elena Volpato, Benedetta Bianchi,
Bianca Bonaldi, Bérénice Freytag, Ilaria Marcatelli



23 May - 29 November 2020








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